3 Things about ZA

Calvin Ng
3 Things about ZA

As the head of Branding Studio of ZA, I’d like to share with you my FAQ here:

What’s our brand name?

ZA” is pronounced as “Z” (/zɛd/ or /ziː/)  “A” (/eɪ/).

ZA” represents a reverse of the alphabetical order – going from “Z” to “A” – reminding us not to take things for granted, but to view things from a different perspective. It’s good to be bold, contrarian and creative.

ZA also represents ‘end-to-end’, a common phrase in banking or financial services, which generally means the product or service flow from front-end (user interface like app / branch), middle office (customers service/ operations) to back end (systems).  

At the digital world, building a fancy app without digitizing or re-engineering the end-to-end flow, is not much different than PDF-ing the physical paper forms!  When our team is building the bank from the ground up, we’re lucky to have the chance to re-engineer the end-to-end.  At the end of the day, we hope to build our product and services more user-centric, rather “system-centric”.

What’s the meaning of ‘Be Different Together’?

We recognize user experience is utmost important to us, in the end, financial services are meant to serve people’s needs. In this digital era, ZA hopes to bring back the business focus to serving their needs.  With such a purpose in mind, everyone in ZA is committed to making a difference in building the new bank together. And that’s how the team of ZA was assembled.  However, we believe it’s not enough for our team to finish this alone, we need our users to co-create with us. Not only we have the ‘founding members’, also the ‘founding users’ – to be different together.

「與眾 ‧ 不同」就是寓意我們會帶來一種新的、與別不同的體驗 ; 亦代表我們希望用戶與眾安一起共同打造一種不同的體驗。

Why Fish?

As inspired by the schooling of fish, we appreciate the value of unity, collaborations and community.  It echoes with our community-driven approach and our branding theme of ‘be different, together’ where the individual fish could represent our employees, partners as well as our users, joining this journey with ZA to build something different together.