Guide to Redeem $5000 Consumption Voucher | Why should you collect $5000 using Octopus card?

Guide to Redeem $5000 Consumption Voucher | Why should you collect $5000 using Octopus card?

ZA Bank X Octopus $5000 Consumption Voucher Offer

ZA Bank, the No.1 virtual bank in Hong Kong[1], is teaming up with Octopus to offer you more than just $5000 Consumption Vouchers, aiming to maximise your benefits! Want to know what we can offer? Keep reading to find out!

Collect $5,000 with Octopus card, ZA Bank top up $5000 max.[2]!

From today till 31 August 2021, collect your $5000 consumption voucher with Octopus Card, and use the below code to open an account at ZA Bank. Once you’ve successfully opened the account and completed a transaction using ZA Card within 30 days, you’ll get a chance to win up to $5000 reward in ZA Bank App (Guaranteed $118)[3].

Invitation Code



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Discover More Special Offers from Octopus

Octopus is offering great deals to those who registered the $5000 Consumption Voucher with them! Offers include:

1.Register early to earn Octopus Top-up Value up to $118

From 4 July till 2 September 2021, first 2,000,000 customers who successfully registered $5,000 Consumption Voucher with Octopus card at the Scheme’s website and have that same Octopus card added to the Octopus App, can earn $18 Octopus Top-up Value[4].

2.Spend in retail monthly to earn Octopus Top-up Value up to $100

From 1 August till 30 September 2021, spend $1000 cumulatively in retail with $200 in each transaction in a month with eligible Octopus card to receive $50 Octopus Top-up Value[5].

3.Get merchant eCoupons up to $3000 in Octopus App

Starting from 4 July 2021, collect $5000 consumption voucher with Octopus card to get a fabulous array of merchant eCoupons worth more than $3000.

For more details on Octopus X Consumption Voucher offer, please visit here.

Wonder if you are eligible for the Scheme and get all the above benefits? Scroll down to find out!


Guide to Redeem $5000 Consumption Voucher | Registration, Disbursement and Coverage

Here’s a quick walk-through of the $5000 Consumption Voucher Scheme for you to understand it more.

✅ Eligibility

Registrant must fulfill the following criteria:

aged 18 or above on or before 18 June 2021
holder of Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card; or
Hong Kong resident with One Way Permit or valid permission to remain in Hong Kong as a dependent

Non-eligible persons include domestic helper, foreigner with work visa and exchange student

📝 Registration Procedure

Electronic Registration

Step 1: Complete registration on the Consumption Voucher Scheme website

Step 2: Verify identity through iAM Smart/uploading a copy of HKID/answering two security questions[6])

Step 3: Choose one of the four stored value facilities to collect voucher

Paper Registration

Step 1: Collect the registration form at distribution locations/ download from the Consumption Voucher Scheme website

Step 2: Fill in the registration form and staple with a copy of HKID

Step 3: Drop off the registration form at designated drop box placed at any post offices or designated bank branches

If you choose to verify identification via iAM Smart, you must first create an iAM Smart account and complete the voucher registration on its app.

You may also apply for the voucher directly on the Consumption Voucher Scheme website. Registration procedures as follow:

Step 1: Click “Continue” to start the registration. The maximum time allowed for completing the registration online is 45 minutes.

Step 2: Enter HKID No. and Issue Date.

Step 3: Enter the last 4 digits of your registered phone number and selected disbursement channel under the Cash Payout Scheme. If you received the money via bank transfer, enter the last 5 digits of the relevant bank account number.

Step 4: Confirm personal information and select the stored value facility.

Step 5: Enter related account number of the stored value facility according to the instructions.

Step 6: Declare your residence in Hong Kong.

Step 7: Confirm and submit to complete the registration.

If your registration successfully completed from 4 July to 17 July 2021, your first phase of voucher will be disbursed on 1 August 2021.

🤲 Distribution Channels

Consumption Vouchers will be disbursed through ONE(1) of the following four stored value facilities:

Octopus Card

Tap and collect vouchers at all outlets of 7-Eleven, Circle K, Wellcome supermarket (including Market Place, Market Place by Jasons, Jasons ichiba and 3hreesixty), subsidy collection points, Octopus service points, and Octopus App within 3 months from the disbursement date
Tapping is not required if you are using Ocotpus Wallet service (including iPhone, Apple Watch, Huawei Pay and Samsung Pay)

Alipay HK

Automatically deposit voucher into account through App

Tap & Go

Automatically deposit voucher into account through App

WeChat Pay HK

Automatically deposit voucher into account through App


🕖 Timetable

Registration Period 4 July – 14 August 2021. Registration and disbursement dates as below:



Alipay HK, Tap & Go, WeChat Pay HK


☝ Consumption Voucher Coverage and Limitation

✔️ Vouchers can be used at the following platforms which accept payment with Octopus, Alipay HK, Tap & Go, and WeChat Pay HK:

Local retail, catering and service outlets or their online platforms
Foreign brand with physical stores in HK
Public transportation fee

❌ Vouchers cannot be used at the following transaction items[8]:

Payments to the Government (e.g. tax, fines, licence fees, tunnel fees, parking meters)
Payments to public utilities (i.e. water, electricity and gas)
Payments to public organisations (e.g. Hospital Authority, Hong Kong Housing Authority, Hong Kong Housing Society)
Education expenses (i.e. payments to primary and secondary schools providing local and non-local curriculum, and UGC-funded universities)
Purchase of financial products or services (e.g. insurance)
Donation (including charitable, religious and political organisations)
Direct purchases from merchants located outside Hong Kong (including online purchases through non-local online platforms made locally)
Person to person payments

For more details on the Consumption Voucher Scheme, please visit here.


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Order Deliveroo, Enjoy up to 11% rebate
Premium coffee, Buy 1 get 1 free
New PowerDraw, Win up to 200% rebate
Spend at CMHK, Enjoy up to 11% rebate
Guaranteed 5% rebate on Klook eligible spending

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Sources:, Consumption Voucher Scheme website, Octopus

[1] “No. 1” is defined by ZA Bank’s leading position in the virtual banking industry in terms of number of users, personal deposits and loan amount as of 31 December 2020.

[2] User must successfully link ZA bank account to ZA Coin, a third-party reward scheme operated by ZA International Financial Services Limited, to join the promotion. T&C apply.

[3] Offer is valid from 1 July to 31 August 2021. Participants must have not yet opened an account with ZA Bank on or before 30 June 2021. Once participants successfully opened a ZA Bank account with the invitation code and completed the internal review by ZA Bank, participants can earn HKD 18. After participants’ first ZA Card spending within 30 days of account opening, participants can earn HKD 100 to HKD 5,000 reward in form of ZA Coin in ZA Bank App. T&C apply.

[4] T&C apply. Quota is limited to 2,000,000, and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please visit here for more details.

[5] T&C apply. Quota is limited to 1,000,000, and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Public transport and parking expenses are excluded from retail spending. Please visit here for more details.

[6] Only applicable to registrants who had successfully registered for the Cash Payout Scheme ("CPS") and received payment/collected cheque before 18 June 2021

[7] If your cumulative "eligible spending" does not reach HK$4,000 before the above deadlines, the third consumption voucher will not be disbursed.

[8] Consumption vouchers received through Alipay HK, Tap & Go and WeChat Pay HK cannot be used for the above purposes. Octopus will not count such transactions in the calculation of the cumulative total "eligible spending". For transactions made by registered Octopus cards, those falling under the coverage of consumption voucher will be counted in the calculation of the cumulative total "eligible spending" for determining whether and when an eligible registrant can receive the third $1,000 consumption voucher.