That’s how Fintech empowers the banking industry in Hong Kong

That’s how Fintech empowers the banking industry in Hong Kong


According to Investopedia, Fintech is used to describe new tech that seeks to improve and automate the delivery and use of financial services.

Make payment by your mobile, transfer your money in just a second etc. The technology boom in the 21st century makes more and more innovative ideas which were assumed to be unrealistic come true.

With no doubt, Fintech is changing the world. Let's see how technology empowers our banking industry together from 1845:

1845 - Hong Kong’s first note-issuing bank, the Oriental Bank, opens a branch in Hong Kong.

1846 - The first Hong Kong banknote is issued.

1975 - The first HKD credit card is launched.

1980 - The first ATM is introduced in Hong Kong.

1985 - EPS, the first cashless retail payment system, is launched in Hong Kong.

1996 - Asia’s first real time gross settlement system is launched.

1997 - Hong Kong’s first contactless smart card is issued.

2015 - The first mobile payment platform comes to town.

2018 - FPS makes payment easier.

2019 - ZA Bank Limited was granted the first batch of virtual bank licenses by the HKMA.

And now... A new virtual bank is coming...

Everyone, please stay tuned with us!


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