Life of an Intern at ZA

Michelle Yeung
Life of an Intern at ZA

As a 17 year old girl who has just graduated from high school, I thought to myself: What's the best way to make use of my summer before college? Apply for an internship at ZA. Although I was told by many that this summer is the only time I can be the most carefree and relaxed, and that it is a terrible idea to sign myself up for an optional adult life, I can tell you for a fact that my time at ZA was worthwhile.

Start with Challenges

After receiving a warm welcome from my Branding Studio teammates on my first day, I started my ZA journey with organising the events.

ZA meet and greet

I learnt more about organising informative events while keeping it fun and casual from planning and attending this event. This experience was unique as it was nothing like what I had expected to be a boring talk but rather an interactive hangout for us to exchange our ideas. I also got to hear from professionals from ZA which taught me a lot more about virtual banking that I couldn't have learnt from reading online!


ZA was one of the main sponsors for the DELF event which gave me the opportunity to stand at the booth to speak to individuals and SMEs who are interested in virtual banking. From answering their questions, I felt that my knowledge about virtual banking has deepened, and also learnt that I might not be as tech-savvy as I thought...

It was really rewarding to hear that people were interested in sharing their ideas with me and actively listened to what I said about ZA. I felt a strong sense of accomplishment when they agreed to scan the QR code to join the ZA Fam and complimented me for being a good speaker. From observing my colleagues, I have learnt to be a good listener and also a person who is open to new ideas in order to improve.

My First-ever Business Trip to Shenzhen!

The city was fascinating, but the office was even more eye-opening. This was the first time I physically experienced the Economics concept learnt in high school - economies of scale. The office was massive, with hundreds of staff seated on both sides of the aisle, which I had finally come to understand how we have been fast paced and productive.

End with Fun

Who knew my basketball skills from high school could be useful social skills! This weekly team building activity brought us closer together and increased our energy levels at work for the rest of the day. I'll miss working hard and playing hard with these ones ?

This blog post merely offers a glimpse of my three week long internship at ZA. I don't mean to sound cheesy but I will definitely look back at the memories made with my colleagues and the ZA Fam. I am incredibly thankful for everyone at ZA for teaching me so much about Fintech and giving me so many opportunities to step outside of my comfort zone. I have become a better listener, communicator and organiser; And most importantly, I’ve made close connections and ever-lasting memories that are truly irreplaceable.  

If I were to go back in time and plan out my summer, I would devote all my time to interning at ZA for such an unforgettable experience. I hope to work with ZA team in the near future (if I get employed ?) and continue making memories with this amazing bunch of people!