[ZA Bank] ZA Card on its way!

[ZA Bank] ZA Card on its way!

We heard you and now, we’re excited to tell you that the first-ever Visa card in Hong Kong with personalised number , ZA Card, is coming soon. To thank you as one of our 180,000+ users, from now until 12 Oct 2020, you can reserve the ZA Card number before its official launch.

What does ‘personalised number’ mean? ZA Card allows you to choose the last 6 digits of your debit card number, making your own card number for real. More, ZA Card gives you:

·       Smart budgeting: ZA Card is a debit card where you can spend wisely and pay from your savings. No more worries about bills, interests or late fees.

·       Rewarding spending experience: We’ll team up with some of your favorite merchants that revolve around you. Make the most of your spending with virtual bank!

·       A new level of security: First-of-its-kind in Hong Kong, ‘ZA Verify’ allows you to authenticate online transactions with one simple tap in the ZA Bank App.

·       Less is more: brand new virtual banking experience, you won’t find the CVV and expiry date on your physical ZA Card (debit card), and not even a signature panel. And if you’ve lost your card, you can use the in-app “Lock Card” function to minimise the risk of data leakage.

·       Cash withdrawal: Supported by Visa, you can enjoy free cash withdrawal from over 3,000 banks’ ATMs in Hong Kong, and access to almost 3 million ATMs worldwide.

We’ll launch the virtual and physical ZA Card in phases, with details to be announced in due course. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for the coming exciting updates!

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