[ZA Insure] We are finally here!

[ZA Insure] We are finally here!

2020 is a year that we never forget.

No one has expected that the COVID-19 will bring a tremendous impact on our living habits, daily diet and even consumption patterns. At this difficult time, not only do we pay more attention to the health of ourselves and our loved one, but also let us know the importance of insurance protection and technological development.

After more than two years of hard work, ZA team finally obtained a digital-only insurer license from the Insurance Authority of Hong Kong under its Fast Track pilot scheme in May this year and officially launched our insurance platform ZA Insure to the market today. Under this epidemic circumstance, we hope our digital-only insurance platform can bring you convenient, popular and personal insurance options.

Our goal is to make "insurance that everyone can afford". Therefore, we will fully apply ZA’s self-developed eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer) technology to our 24/7 underwriting process, substantially reducing the time required for purchasing coverage. With no physical store, our premium can be as low as HK$2* per year, making insurance a product that everyone can easily afford.

At the same time, we are adopting a "community-driven" approach with the aim to identify pain points that remain to be resolved in the current insurance market. We know that cancer is the deadliest disease in Hong Kong, and some people have not been protected by cancer insurance because of their family medical history. "ZA Cancer Protection" does not need you to declare family medical history. We have also launched "ZA Heart Attack and Stroke Protection", HK’s first stand-alone heart attack and stroke insurance product to provide flexibility and protection for the two major urban diseases at affordable premium level.

ZA has always been aiming to build an integrated financial platform together with ZA Fam. I am very grateful to ZA Fam for their continuous support and suggestions so that ZA Insure can follow the step of ZA Bank team and, after building the first virtual bank in Hong Kong, create a new digital-only insurance platform that meets the needs of users.

Let’s be different together.

* Based on HK $ 100,000 premiums and 18-year-old non-smoking female, ZA Heart Attack and Stroke Protection